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Master of Ceremonies at Canadian-Hungarian wedding: Steve and Danila

It was bird-noisy spring when we first met Danila and Steve in Budapest. We could not stop laughing.

They are really adventurers: have been travellying almost around the world – from America to far East.

They exchanged their vows on the deck of the boat bouncing on the large river Danube right in front of the Parliament.

Actually it was an honor to perform their ceremony too, so I had chance to get closer to them in advance. So I was given an extra task next to beeing their Wedding Emcee.
Oh, I loved the way they think, tell stories, laugh and dance.

I remember their words: when Danila first went to Canada, Steve promised her 3 things

  1. to catch a salmon
  2. to see a moose
  3. to see the northern lights

And she could not catch, see non of them. Neither during her next visit.

So Danila realised, that she had to stick around him, in order to meet the offers.

On the ceremony, in front of me, the family and friends she promised to stay with whim even if she gets these three things.

When they first met on their Big Day, Steve found himself tears threatening. That is real love!

The best friends were invited on the creative photos, which were taken on the Margaret Island.

And the friends hold fully emotional and funny speaches.

It was so fun, with lots of touching moments.
It was fun to draw their monogram and heart with sparkling sticks 🙂 And it was touching to participate on their family event.

Thank you, Danila and Steve. Live long in eternal love.

Master of Ceremonies


The last picture was taken in Canada, not in Hungary. They sent me this picture as a kind postcard.
Keep on beeing open and funny!

Photo Credit: Raffay Zsófia, Jámbor Zsófia
Master of Ceremonies: Huba

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