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Master of Ceremonies at English-Hungarian wedding: Bobby and Gloria

Well, it starts with an amazing and unbeleivable story.

As a Master of Ceremonies I hear a lot of love stories. Some of them sound  ‘regular’ ones, some of them happen to be more exciting than a novel or a movie-script.

Gloria, when she was a little girl, used to watch the serial of Zorro, the Spanish Spiderman or rahter Robin Hood. You remember, the guy with black maskarade, veil and long sward. And when he finnished the attack and punnisment , he drew a big letter ‘Z’ on the head, shirt or bottom of the rich and unfair person.

So she had always been dreaming to be the lover and wife of Don Diego de la Vega, the rich and fair-minded senor.

Time passed by, and Gloria met and fall in love in Bobby in London. After a while he turned out to change his family name (for some reason).

A shining, britning lamp flashed in Gloria’s mind.

– Baby, why don’t you choose De la Vega to be your new family name?

– OK. I have no rejection.

So, this is how dreams come true! Unbelievable, right?

Here, in Hungary Gloria and Bobby de la Vega got married with an amazing celebration.

It was honour to interpret the ceremony and sing the song for their firts dance.

Thank you, Glória and Bobby. Live long in eternal love.

Master of Ceremonies



I suggest to admire the wonderful decoration, too.

Photo Credit: Elek Éva
Wedding venue: Fenyőharaszt Residency
Wedding Decoration: Esküvődekor Nóritól
Master of Ceremonies: Huba