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Master of Ceremonies at Irish-Hungarian wedding: Stephen and Emília

You know, jobs of Emília and Stephen are more important for us, than we imagine: they are both lifesavers. As their Master of Ceremonies I got very proud of them.

I have always admired the firemen and nurses who are so altruist and work hard.

As they told me during our first meeting on Skype, they are both fond of saving lives. How amazing, isn’t it?

Since Emília grew up 100 km far from Budapest in a small village, they chose Tata, the lovely historical little town.

OK, you have to know this, I tell you in brackets: when the gooses fly from North to South in the Autumn, they drop in Tata, ’cause their is a lake over there, so they can have a several day – break before they cross the Mediterranean sea in the air.

So next to this lake there is a beautiful arboretum, a little castle and several perfect wedding venues.

We first went to the family house of the bride (on the way I picked up the bride’s bouquet in the florist’s shop), than we came together to the park, where the creative and family photo session was taken.

Both the governmental and church ceremony was hold in the garden of the restaurant than we celebrated their marriage.

Before the delicious dinner both fathers and especially the son of the groom said speeches which I interpreted for the guests.

Lots of Irish, Scottish, Welsh and Hungarian friends and family members had a great and memorable time together.

It was an honour to sing for the couple, which they loved and appreciated very much.

Thank you, Emily and Steve. Live long in eternal love.

Master of Ceremonies


Photo Credit: Váraljai Zsolt
Wedding decoration: Írisz Virág
Wedding venue: Cocoon restaurant
Master of Ceremonies: Huba