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Master of Ceremonies of American-Hungarian wedding

Huba was the “screamer” for our wedding this August in Lake Balaton, and we can’t thank him enough! I’m American and my husband is Hungarian – we call Huba the “screamer” because during my first Hungarian wedding for a friend a few years back, I kept asking why the Master of Ceremonies kept screaming at everyone!

Huba was fantastic. He spent time and energy thinking and planning with us by phone while we were in New York, offering important suggestions that, in the end, made the wedding feel organized, smooth and easy.

He kept things organized time-wise, so my husband and I did not have to think about what happens next, we just waited for Huba’s announcements, always preceded by the opening of his huge rainbow umbrella, such as the ceremony, dinner, speeches, dances, cake time, midnight snack, etc.  

We had a very non-traditional wedding in a large open field with friends from all over the world. 

Huba was very open to our ideas and very willing to help us incorporate our own ways of making the wedding meaningful, such as leading a procession of guests to the ceremony place among the trees, participating in a beautiful serenade by friends in a choir – Huba both sang and played a ukelele – and, doing a fantastic job of making announcements in both Hungarian and English.

Huba made sure to incorporate the guests into the wedding events so they all could participate, including the 30 children of all ages, such as joining in the signing, carrying flowers for the children, and dancing.

Many guests approached us to say Huba was great – very funny, fun, energetic, and he kept the party going!

Our wedding was magical, free, natural and full of love. Huba helped to make this happen, and we sincerely thank you!’

Tracy and Bence

Wedding planner: Esküdni mernék (Sidó Dia)
Wedding decoration: Búzavirág
Wedding photographer: Stiller Ákos
Master of Ceremonies: Hubadur

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