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Master of Ceremonies at Spanish-Hungarian wedding: José and Gabi

This is a kind of wedding-history. The best testimonial for a Master of Ceremonies.

I have already met 2 times Gabi on different weddings as a Wedding Master, by the time their wedding came finally. On the first wedding of her girlfriend she decided to call me, when their wedding might be planned, than on the second one she made us met with his fiancé, José.

Though that year they did not know the date of their upcoming wedding, they have reserved me.

This picture was taken on the wedding of Gabi and José (we are in the middle), on the left side Tamás and Éva, on the right side János and Tímea. The FB-post says, we are 8 in the picture. Can you find the solution?

The wedding was hold in the middle of Hungary, Dabas (btw, my hometown), and the weather did not want to spoil us so much. The thunder grumbled, and finally went away as fast as arrived.

So I had to vanish the stormy clouds away…

We had a great open-air ceremony afterwords, which I interpreted in Spanish for the only non-English-speaking mum of José. She was lovely and very thankful. I was happy to help her to be more comfortable in Hungary.

Of course I was singing a lovely song for them, and the guests joined me. That was fantastic.

Thank you, Gabi and José. Live long in eternal love.

Grácias, Gabi y José. Me gustó y encantó vuestra boda. Que vívais largamente y en amor eterno!

Master of Ceremonies


Photo Credit: Pozsonyi Roland
Master of Ceremonies: Huba