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Wedding venues Hungary

Wedding venues Hungary: searching for proper and wandrous venues is an amazing travel in Hungary itself. No only the most famous places will be the perfect for you. You might find appropriate venue regarding your dreams, family and friends. 

Wedding venues Hungary – River, lake side

Is there anything more romantic than saying eternal YES on a river side, or next to a lovely lake?

River Garden – might be a bare foot wedding in the sand at the Danube. Large river-ships, kayaks, kenuus, forest, large blue sky in the backround. Optimal venue for 120-300 guests.

Duna Darden **** Restaurant – a yacht-dock on the Csepel-island of the Danube (southern part of Budapest). 100% chill, and grill. Let’s swing legs from the pier!

Playa Luna – mediterrenian, caribean pearl in Hungary. It is a magic, lovely luxury, South-American white sand, 2 hours from the Airport. It is a private sea-side. Venue for maximum 150 guests.

Provence Wedding – Brand new venue near from Budapest in the South (Ráckeve), with long pier above the Danube for the ceremonies. Just imagine the Moon, lit ships trailing on the large river. Venue for maximum 130 guests.


Wedding venues Hungary – On the water

Either it is floating, or stationary, it is always an exciting venue for a wedding. A courteous and unforgettable panorama might be an extra benefit of these wedding venues in Hungary.

Aquamarina Boat Hotel & Restaurant – standing boat from the time of the Russian czar at the Buda-side (Northern part of Budapest). Ceremony can be hold on the terrace. The czar migh drop in to congratulate you. Comfortable for maximum 130 guests.

Európa ship – the biggist event ship in Budapest, with large ballroom, terrace, and experiences of year-decades. They are proud of their gastronomy and sound-system. From 90 to 450 (!) guests can be served.

Columbus Restaurant and Pub – stationary boat on the Danupe (Pest side), famous for lots of unique concerts. Terrace rigth on the water gives a perfect place for the ceremony with an amazing panomrama. You feel like being able to touch the Castle. Comfortable for maximum 160 guests.

Spoon The Boat Restaurants – standing next to Columbus, in the heart of Budapest. Spoon is famous for its fuision kitchen, They can serve 50-600 guests.

Zsófia Event ship – what if saying YES righ in the middle of Danube, on the roof of the ship? One of Hungary’s biggest ships with 3 floors. Excluzive, elegant, 5* service. Comfortable for maximum 160-240 guests. Smaller weddings are welcome, too.


Wedding venues Hungary – Spacious sky

Deák Udvarház – 30 min. South from the Airport, a lovely, intimate vintage ranch with a chateau, small lake, large plane area. Family business with full of love, call, and capital-level gastronomy.

Hármashatár-hegyi Hangár – above the Capital on the Buda side, up there on the top of the mountains you can stand on the rocks during your ceremony. From 150 to 300 (!) guests can be served.

Bodri Winery – in the wine region of Southern Hungary you will drop in a huge but friendly ranch. The ceremony can be hold outside, the party is inside the large cellar. Max. 100 guest are welcome.

Hilltop Winehotel – imagine Toscana in Hungary in wide and wondrous surroundings, on the top of the hill of winegrapes, tasting special meals, and having excellent service. Comfortable for 150-160 guests.

Citadella – here you can give a hug to the sky, give a five to the lady of the Freedom statue, and admire the lights of the Capital as thousands of lightning bugs. Memorable wedding venue for 100-1000 guests, amazing, isn’t it?

Fisherman’s Bastion Restaurant – the most popular venue in the heart of the Castle. Open air ceremony on the terrace with full of white stone and marble. The service in the restaurant is for princesses, queens, kings, knights and their families. They offer service for maximum 120 guests.


Wedding venues Hungary – Palace

Kiscelli Museum – you just enter, and fall hundreds years backwards with one of the highest ceiling height in Budapest. Amazing gothic curves, coloumns. You need extra catering service, but it worth organizing your exclusive wedding here for max. 250 guests.

Royal Palace in Gödöllő – The baroque palas was used in the Austro-Hungarian times mostly by Sissi (Queen Elizabeth, wife of the Ausrtian ) in the late 19th century.

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