Wedding venues

Where to get married in Budapest?

Let me help you, where to get married in Budapest! Here is a nice list, you may find the best venue for your lovely wedding.

Can you get marry in Budapest?

Sounds silly, right?

First please check if you can have marrage in Hungary!

Do not worry, I think, yes!

Where to get married?

Are you looking for a romantic setting for the civil ceremony?

For shure. That’s why you are planning to come to get married in Budapest.

  1. Let’s go up to the Halászbástya (Fisherman’s Bastion Restaurant).
  2. Let’s sail on a boat (Zsófia, Budapest event boats)
  3. Let’s just stand on the river (Aquamarina, Columbus, Spoon in the port of Danube)
  4. Let’s come back to the Buda side: The Royal Palace – Buda Castle
  5. Let’s see another castle in the City Park: Vajdahunyad Castle (so called Dracula’s palace)

And what about our 2 biggest churches in Budapest?

  1. Matthias Church (next to Fisherman’s Bastion)
  2. Bazilika

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When to get married in Budapest?

Nowdays the peak season of weddings starts in May and lasts till septembre.

It is really hot in the summer, and wedding venues are pritty crouded. The squares, centers are filled with eternal love, tears, and smiles, and kind people.

Out of the peak season the weather is rather suave, and friendly. The colours shine softer.

Well, rain can come any time, even in the summer. A B-plan should be set anyway.


I am looking forward to seeing and hosting you in Hungary! With love.

Master of Ceremonies

Photo Credit: Bese Zoltán