Marriage in Hungary


Marriage in Hungary is open possibility for anyone between a woman and a man. The marriage can be either official or symbolic one.


Official marriage in Hungary

Can you marry in Hungary? I mean that if you marry here, your marriage will be official for your home country. So it will have legal effect.

What are the marriage requirements in Hungary?

Many fellows think that Hungary requires that one party be a resident of the city where the ceremony is to be performed. Than an official registrar will have the right to marry you.

There is legal procedure for foreigners’ marriage in Hungary in these cases:

  1. one of you is Hungarian
  2. both of you are from the same country
  3. you are from different countries

In the case of 2) and 3) you’d better contact to your Ambassador, or according mission in Hungary. They will help and direct you on the right process. On behalf of you a local wedding planner can assist you a lot.

Anyway, Contract of Marriage of Foreigners in Hungary document will be helpful for you.

Let me summerize the procedure in brief:

You are supposed to prove that there is not any legal barrier of the marriage according to each nationality. Furthermore accordingly to the Hungarian legislation, too.

Purpose of marriage has to be declared in written in front of the proper official registrar, in the home contry.

Official translation of the documents is needed (by e.g. Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation or ambassies, foreign mission in Hungary).

Necessary documents:

  • passport / identification card / card of address
  • official proof of marital status
  • official proof of zero-legal-barrier of marriage
  • the proving documents usually cannot be signed later than 6 months

In case you do not speak Hungarian, you are supposed to hire an interpreter for the wedding ceremony.


Symbolic marriage in Hungary

If you think this procedure is quite difficult and long to arrange, there is possibility to make a symbolic ceremony: so you can hire a ceremony leader, a conductor. Of course, you have to marry before at a civil registry (maybe at home?). The family, friends will feel it official and real, since you pronounce the ‘I do’-s, and vows in front of them.

The ceremony can be customized as much as you want, there is no limitation. Tears, titter, jokes, fun, surprises, stories are welcome.

Is gay marriage legal in Hungary?


But you can have symolic wedding, see above.

For great venue ideas see, where to get married in Budapest!

I am looking forward to seeing and hosting you in Hungary! With love.

Master of Ceremonies

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