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Master of Ceremonies of Turkish-Hungarian wedding

Niki and Håkan have been dreaming about a memorable wedding. Finally they have organised two weddings for the families and friends: one in Hungary, one in Turkey.

It was great honor to participate and coordinate their Hungarian wedding at a magical venue.

First, huge and stormy rain shaked the trees around the castle where the couple was preparing for the big day.

The bride was worried, weather we coul hold the ceremony outside, down by the intimate lake side.

The catering company got frigthened becouse of the heavy wind, but they could cover every table in advance to save the dishes for the open air dinner.

So, the first memory has been saved for the future.

Friends came earlier to help with the decoration. They were so eager to arrange everything for their beloved best friend.



My task was to arrange the table of the ceremony, and translate the ceremony text from English to Hungarian. The grooms best friend collected his words and sent me some days earlier. We made a reherseal at the lake to be sure everything is understandable and fluent.

Poor DJ had to carry that weight (see the Beatles song!), so the loudspeakers and mixer and cables twice down the stairs.

The storm moved away with the speed of the arrival and birds recalled the sentimental moments.

The guests entering the castle and its garden surpised as Alice in Wonderland. The Turkish family brought special Turkish sweet, baklava and lokum – which I like very much.

The wedding ceremony started with a pretty long walk down the aisle. Niki was more and more shining as approaching Håkan. Like a beautiful swan. All of us were excited and touched. So wer we during the whole ceremony, because of the stories and emotions mentioned by the best friend.

I also gave something special to the couple and their guests: I composed a song for the ceremony both in Hungarian and English. And I added a verse in Turkish wich was an extraordinary excursion and an unforgettable experiment for myself, too. When I started to sing in Turkish, Håkan’s family celebrated the lines with ovation.

Kedves Huba,

nagyon szépen köszönjük a közreműködésedet az esküvőnkön mint ceremóniamester! Kedvességed, megnyugtató jelenléted sokat jelentett a Nagy Napon. A mi kétnyelvű esküvőnkre is készültél kis személyre szóló meglepetéssel, ami nagyon jól esett a török-nyelvű vendégeinknek 😊 Gördülékenyen vezetted az eseményeket, úgy simítottál el problémákat, hogy mi észre sem vettük azokat és mindezt egy olyan melegséges, szeretettel-teli, de vidám stílusban, amitől inkább érződtél családtagnak, mint szolgáltatónak 🙂

További sok sikert, még nagyon sok esküvőt és rengeteg elégedett, boldog párt kívánunk:

Niki és Håkan
The Master of Ceremony at Öregtölgy

Dear Huba,

thank you for your contribution on our wedding as MC! Your kindness, reassuring presence meant a lot fur us on the Big Day. You also prepared for our bilingual wedding with a little personal surprise, which went very well for our Turkish-speaking guests 😊 You ran the events smoothly, smoothed out the problems so that we didn’t even notice them and all in such a warm, loving but cheerful style , which made you feel more like a family member than a service provider 🙂

We wish you many more successes, weddings and lots of satisfied, happy parties:

Niki and Håkan

Credit: Tímár Sári, Földi Roland

Mobile galery: Huba