Why Hubadur?

master of ceremonyi in Hungary


My name is Gábor Street, and my nick name is Huba.

Between 2 weddings I compose and sing surprise songs with my guitar (see in Hungarian: ajándékdal) for celebrations, so I work as a troubadour.

Huba + troubadour = Hubadur. That’s it. 😉

Master of ceremony since 2003

First I was asked by one of my friends to coordinate their wedding in 2003. Lots of friends invited me to help them too, by the time I became a professional wedding host, speaker (see in Hungarian: ceremóniamester).

It is such a great gift for me weekend by weekend, and I do appreciate when people let me participate their biggest family-celebration.

I am always on helping, transferring everyone in the proper mood in orther to meet the miracle between the to beloved persons.

Personal infos:

photo credit: Fotobese